runaways series 1/10 ⤀ victor mancha

sometimes people tell you stuff and you don't pay attention until it's too late. like don't eat twelve boxes of cookies. or that light's going to turn red. but when a reliable source told me that i would murder every hero on the planet? totally paid attention. totally made that not happen.


marvel meme ↣ 10 characters

5/10⟫ gertrude yorkes (arsenic)

'-what do you think gert wanted?

-i don’t know… she just spent her life living.’

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Never-ending List of Story Arcs/Events I Love & Recommend
Live Fast (Runaways v2 #22-24)
Written by Brian K. Vaughan; Art by Adrian Alphona

It’s like the song goes…Hell is for children.

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Reeeeeally old portraits of Nico, Chase, Victor, and Alex from Runaways. BKV’s original run is my favorite “team” book in comics and I loved Alphona’s art (with that Christina Strain coloring! ugh, so good) to death.

I miss ‘em. ;_; I should draw the rest of the Runners…

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runaways | tumblr text posts

(inspired from these guys and waaay too many)

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comic book meme ➝ [2/5] female characters

Gertrude Yorkes // Arsenic

"Most people in life don’t have great power, and the few that do are almost never responsible with it. The people who have the greatest responsibility are the kids with no power because we’re the ones who have to keep everybody else in check."

marvel comic meme [5/5] relationships
chase stein & gertrude yorkes

"I saw Gert. The time machine took me back a few years ago, the Yorkes’ house…and there she was. On the phone, organizing a protest against…the usual. I just hid and watched her for a while." "Was it hard?" "It was fucking beautiful."